The best of both worlds in one premium construction company

Your dream home in traditional craftsmanship with stones or innovative massive wood construction
Already engaged an architect or not?
Whichever choice you make, Struyf Building brings together the best construction talent for your construction project. We deliver each home turnkey or shell/water and windproof. You choose!

Build with wood

Building with wood guarantees the same architectural freedom and finishing options. Massive wood construction easily exceeds the strictest energy standards, and that with an extremely small ecological footprint. Thanks to the unique prefab construction method of the German Magnumboard, your home is prepared down to the smallest details for assembly on site. After barely 4 months of construction time, your new home is completely ready to live in.

Build with stone

The familiar feeling of stone still forms the foundation of our almost 100 years as a family construction company. The craftsmanship of our masonry team is unmatchable. Building with stone is and remains a fixed value. Time has not stood still for traditional construction either, and we achieve the highest energy performance without any problems.
Building a home where you experience life's great adventures, but also and above all enjoy the little things. A place where you feel safe and where you can relax after a busy day.

We strive for that feeling of coming home from the first contact. We unburden you completely and write a dream story for building your home.
Feel at home from the first contact
There are probably few things more fundamental than your home. Your refuge where you let down your walls.
A premium construction company
Luxury villa or compact family home. For us, premium does not refer to the number of square meters per construction project, but to the care and attention with which we bring every construction dream to a successful conclusion.

Our premium approach permeates everything we do. In our conscious choice for certain materials. The trained eye with which we judge every detail. The craftsmanship with which we select our construction partners. The way we communicate with you. And the personal dedication with which we take on every challenge.
A world of sophistication and excellent craftsmanship
Classic, modern or presbytery. Wooden construction or traditional with stone. New construction or total renovation. Be inspired by some of our achievements. We look back with pride on each of our nearly 1,000 completed projects over the past 100 years.
Be inspired